Chairman's Message

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce has been helping members do business for the past 157 years. Our members enjoy an advantage of being a part of the longest established, and at the same time the most dynamic business organization in Hong Kong. Our goal is to make sure the Government and general public understand businesses' views, and to also ensure that Hong Kong remains one of the best and most competitive business and financial hubs in the world.

In addition to promoting, representing and safeguarding the interests of the Hong Kong business community, we also provide members with business intelligence and opportunities. We broaden their networks with Hong Kong, Mainland Chinese and international companies through a wide variety of channels and events. In short, we help our members succeed.

If you are not yet a member, I would strongly urge you to get involved. By doing so, you will be better connected, and be in a better position to learn about and take advantage of new opportunities. So start growing your business, your networks and your influence by joining HKGCC today. You will then discover why so many of Hong Kong's most successful companies have been our member for the past 157 years

Aron Harilela

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