Americas Committee

Chairman Mr Thomas Wa Sun Wong
Secretary Ms Fion Chui
Tel 2823 1299

The Americas Committee is one of the Chamber's trade area committees responsible for providing substantive programs and information to chamber members who wish to further develop and strengthen business ties with countries in the Americas region.

The Americas Committee is committed to continuing its efforts in promoting bilateral trade and investment between Hong Kong and countries in North America, Central America and South America, through events including luncheons, seminars, meetings with overseas visitors and delegations, missions and networking functions.


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Promoting Colombian beef

A high-level delegation from the Cattle Breeder Federation of Colombia, the Colombian Agricultural Institute and Colombian Health, and Food Protection Department, led by the Consul General of Colombia Miguel Angel Rodriguez, called on the Chamber on 28 May to promote Colombian beef and produce. Americas Committee Chairman Michael Paulus and Vice Chairman Gary Ahuja welcomed the visitors. The Cattle Breeder Federation of Colombia’s President Jose Felix Lafourie said Colombia has approximately 25 million heads of cattle and has a high growth production potential to meet the increase in beef demand worldwide. They are looking to expand into the Asia-Pacific region and have signed agreements with several countries in eastand south Asia. If members would like more information on Colombian beef imports, they can contact

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