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dev - A Future with E-cheques

Banks in Hong Kong spend up to HK$1.7 billion a year on processing 500,000 paper cheques.  At today’s roundtable luncheon,Shu-Pui Li, Head of Financial Infrastructure Development of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority introduced the key features of e-cheque, its security measures and its operating model. He also shared some business cases and how this latest development could benefit both corporate and financial institutions.  The target launch date of e-cheque will be in the second half of 2015.


dev - How Can Data Localization Laws Impact Your Business?

Prof Anupam Chander, School of Law, University of California, Davis, shared with members his views on how data localization laws impact economic development – raise costs for local businesses, reduce consumers' access to global services, hamper local start-ups, and interfere with the use of the latest technological advances with his recent findings on 16 jurisdictions which have enacted or are considering data localization regulatory measures. He also untangled the underlying reasons of many governments on imposing barriers on cross-border data flows.


dev - Financial and Treasury Services Committee Roundtable Luncheon - Renminbi Fund Flows in Hong Kong: Developments and Prospects

At today’s Chamber roundtable luncheon, Dr Dong He, Executive Director (Research) of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, shared expertise on RMB fund flows in Hong Kong. He discussed the characteristics of the CNH foreign exchange market and its relationship with the onshore CNY market, what determines the distribution of RMB deposits in different offshore centres, and prospects of the dim sum bond market.

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