Small & Medium Enterprises Committee

Terms of Reference

1) Mission

  • To study and advise the General Committee and Directorate on issues, reports and legislation, including draft legislation, having a bearing on the small and medium enterprises (SME).

2) Membership

  • The Committee is open to any small and medium enterprises corporate members of the Chamber who wish to join.
  • Individual associate members who wish to apply as observers to the Committee should belong to a small and medium enterprise.
  • Companies who do not fulfil the SME criteria may apply as co-opted members subject to the agreement by the Committee and the Chamber CEO.
  • Committee membership is subject to agreement by the committee chairman and the Chamber CEO.
  • Members should observe the "Guidelines for HKGCC Committees".

For the purpose of this Committee, a small/medium enterprise is defined as one which falls within any of the following parameters.

3) Objectives

  • To identify areas of interest, obstacles and problems to SME in Hong Kong.
  • To promote the setting up and development of SME in Hong Kong.
  • To provide an avenue for SME to express their views through the Chamber or its representative in the Legislative Council.
  • To encourage more SME involvement and participation in Chamber activities.
  • To liaise as necessary with other Committees of the Chamber and with non-Chamber organisations, including the Hong Kong Government, both locally and internationally.
  • To carry out any other related work at the request of the General Committee or Directorate.
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