Belt and Road Corner

Hong Kong
Super Connector for the Belt and Road

With its unique strengths, Hong Kong is well placed to play the role of "super-connector" for the Belt and Road Initiative. Our competitive advantages include preferential access to the massive Mainland market, internationally compatible trade, commercial and legal systems, as well as our strategic location, infrastructure and talent pool.


Hong Kong's Added Value for the Belt and Road

A Key Link in the Initiative

The Mainland’s reform and opening-up over the past four decades helped power the tremendous transformation and growth of Hong Kong’s economy. Looking ahead to the next 40 years, the Belt and Road Initiative is a new engine that will help drive our continued economic and social development.


Latest Belt and Road Events

dev - The Value of Services in the Manufacturing Process

Fung Global Institute Vice President of Research and former WTO Chief Economist Dr Patrick Low said at a Chamber luncheon that the value of services is usually poorly understood but becoming more important. Services are important sources of process innovation, as well as in bundled combinations with goods-driven research and development. For example, he said a case study revealed that 43 different services are involved in a Hong Kong watch manufacturer’s business.

dev - Business over meals- Essential Dining Etiquette

Bernice Lee, an etiquette consultant, guided 24 members on the finer points of business and dining etiquette during a luncheon workshop at La Parole, a Social Enterprise, on 5 June. Owing to the overwhelming response, the Chamber will organize another “Business over Meals Etiquette” workshop on 14 July.

dev - Chief Executive C Y Leung Visits Chamber

Chief Executive C Y Leung called on the Chamber on 4 June to meet with members of the Chamber’s General Committee and Chamber Council for the first Council meeting following HKGCC’s Annual General Meeting. Chairman Y K Pang shared with the CE the views and concerns of the business community.

dev - Public Consultation on the Future Development of the Electricity Market

Ms Christine Loh, Under Secretary for the Environment presented the Government’s key considerations in shaping the development of Hong Kong’s electricity market, and exchanged views with members on policy implications for the business sector.

Good Reads

Cracking the ASEAN Markets

This month in the Bulletin we look at what opportunities the signing of the FTA between Hong Kong and ASEAN will create for businesses. We also report on the booming tourism market in Hokkaido, and in tech-savvy Huizhou. You can also read about your Chinese horoscope in the Year of the Dog!

You can read the highlights below or download the entire magazine.

GBA Collaboration

Aron Harilela and PC Yu met with Guangdong officials to discuss strengthening collaboration between Hong Kong and Guangdong in relation to the Greater Bay Area (GBA) development.

Career Planning

Herina Lai, Human Resources Director of Mead Johnson Nutrition (HK) Ltd, discussed career planning with 100 students from St. Clare’s Girls’ School

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