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Innovative Indian Flavours
Innovative Indian Flavours, Daarukhana<br/>煮出新「印」象

Innovative Indian Flavours, Daarukhana<br/>煮出新「印」象

Garlic Pepper Crab
Daarukhana selects crab from the Philippines for its soft texture, rather than the traditional prawns for this dish. Cooked with garlic and onions, the flavourful crab meat is served on thayir sadam (curd rice), and topped with cauliflower florets and a sprinkling of spices and leaves.

Innovative Indian Flavours, Daarukhana<br/>煮出新「印」象

Amaranth Avocado and Corn Bhel
This vegetarian dish combines Indian bhel with a Mexican-style guacamole. Bhel is a popular savoury snack in India made from puffed rice, vegetables and citric juice. Beautifully plated, this option is decorated with edible flowers, golden beetroot and rock chives.

Innovative Indian Flavours, Daarukhana<br/>煮出新「印」象

Burra Short Rib
Burra means “marinated” and these USDA Prime short ribs are marinated with Indian spices and slow cooked for 48 hours, and served with baby potatoes cooked with mustard and rosemary. Three house-made dipping sauces – roasted pineapple, raw mango and tomato chilli – are served on the side.

Innovative Indian Flavours, Daarukhana<br/>煮出新「印」象

Chilean Sea Bass Moilee
Using a traditional South Indian method, juicy Chilean sea bass is perfectly seared and served on a layer of chopped beans. This signature dish is served with a creamy house-made coconut curry, which brings a mix of sweetness and spiciness.

Innovative Indian Flavours, Daarukhana<br/>煮出新「印」象

Chicken Tikka Masala
Daarukhana preserves the authentic flavours of this classic Northern Indian dish with its traditional recipe. Chicken is marinated with spices and cooked in masala sauce. The aroma of the mixture of ground spices further elevates the flavours of the dish.

Innovative Indian Flavours, Daarukhana<br/>煮出新「印」象

Indian Bread
Indian bread is served with all main courses at Daarukhana. Inspired by French ingredients, mushroom puree and truffles are added to create an especially aromatic and luxurious naan bread.

Innovative Indian Flavours, Daarukhana<br/>煮出新「印」象

Airy Milk Cake
According to Indian history, Airy Milk Cake is a prestigious dessert exclusively for royalty. Cream and saffron, one of the most expensive spices, combine in a cake with a texture that melts in the mouth. It is topped with almonds, pistachios and rose petals to symbolise elegance and nobility.

Innovative Indian Flavours, Daarukhana<br/>煮出新「印」象

Chef's Profile
Executive Chef Valice Francis has long been a fan of experimentation, so working at Daarukhana gives him the perfect opportunity to inject his knowledge of Western methods into Indian dishes. His passion for cooking first emerged when he was growing up in Delhi. On entering the industry, Francis underwent strict training with a number of renowned chefs that gave him a strong foundation in Western and Indian cuisine. He realized that he could apply the detailed techniques and culinary science of French and Italian cooking, such as the use of liquid nitrogen, to create inspiring and innovative Indian dishes.

Daarukhana is a district in the city of Mumbai; and it means food and drinks in Hindi. Here in Hong Kong, meanwhile, Daarukhana is also a restaurant in Wan Chai, dedicated to delivering contemporary Indian cuisine influenced by French cooking techniques. 

Sanat Patel, CEO of Daarukhana, was already an experienced hospitality professional in Mumbai when he opened his first restaurant in Central, serving Indian street food, four years ago. He decided there was also space in the market for a high-end Indian dining experience, and opened Daarukhana in November last year. 

Daarukhana’s menu features a selection of flavourful dishes from different parts of India, with innovative touches delivered by Executive Chef Valice Francis. The restaurant also breaks with tradition in its decor, with a modern interior defined by brushed metal, geometric patterns and gleaming marble.


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