2015/09/07Above all, we must build a sustainable pension scheme for Hong Kong
Hong Kong faces an ageing society and, by 2018, a shrinking workforce. It is our responsibility to work out a plan for managing both. Getting it right means using our scarce fiscal resources to help those who genuinely need assistance, and doing so in a manner that is sustainable over a very long period.
2014/09/08Get balance right on competition rules or run risks
2014/08/12Paying the bill is key to any pension plan
2014/07/30No to prejudice
2014/05/13Beware the unintended consequences of property-cooling measures
2014/04/16Taiwan’s Student Occupation May Pour Oil on Occupy Central’s Flame
2014/02/24Legislating Standard Working Hours will Undermine Hong Kong’s Competitiveness
2013/10/16Class actions – Do we really need these in Hong Kong?
2013/08/16Unintended Consequences
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