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Hai Sang Hong Marine Foodstuffs Ltd

For the Love of Seafood

Hai Sang Hong has worked hard to modernize and promote the traditional dried seafood industry, writes staff reporter Milly Lo

Interview Date: 2015/04


Billion-dollar business empire rises out of ashes of war on integrity and determination to succeed

Hari Harilela got his first taste of work hawking on the streets of Hong Kong at the age of 10. Today, at 77, he's as active as ever overseeing the family's global billion-dollar hotel, banking and real estate empire.

Interview Date: 2003/01

Hitting the China Bullseye

As a pioneer in developing trade and exhibitions in the Mainland, Adsale has never lost focus of its goal.

The business bookshelves are crammed with tales of innovation, new business models, and technology breakthroughs promising huge financial returns for following the latest management fads. Yet one of the golden rules of business that many of them fail to even mention is "focus."

Interview Date: 2008/08

Hong Kong Institute of Languages

Learning a new language can be child's play, as students at HKIL will tell you

During a Saturday morning language arts lesson at the Hong Kong Institute of Languages, teacher Emmanuelle Guyon was keeping a close eye on all her students.

Interview Date: 2005/04

Hong Kong Sky Deck Ltd

Dreaming Big, Dreaming High

Hong Kong’s skyline is one of the most recognized in the world. For the thousands of tourists who flock to the Tsimshatsui promenade every day to photograph the vista, they never fail to be amazed by the sight. But when you are standing at 100 floors up looking down on not just at the waterfront, but the whole of Hong Kong Island and Tsimshatsui, the view takes your breath away.

Interview Date: 2015/02

Hong Kong Tramways Ltd

Ding Ding Serving Hong Kong for 110 Years

One of Hong Kong’s best known and most loved icons, the ding-ding, turned 110 recently and has no plans to slow down

Interview Date: 2014/08


Architecture Stands as a Witness to Time

It is not surprising that most architects prefer designing new buildings to the refurbishment and maintenance of existing ones, but with the region’s architectural development maturing, architects have to think out of the box, writes Fion Chui

Interview Date: 2013/07

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