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AsiaPay Filling Niches

Providing an affordable option to businesses that need to conduct online transactions

AsiaPay spotted a niche created by budding entrepreneurs and set up a digital payment service that is convenient and secure, and affordable enough to be used by everyone from a small corner florist to a virtual storeowner operating out of their bedroom.

Interview Date: 2005/09

Diaward Moving with the Times

Diaward mixes centuries of tradition with the latest technology

Marvin Hsu carefully removed a World War II combat helmet out of a display case and placed it on the table in front of me with a clunk. "This is one of the first models we made under the British Pattern 1937," he enthused, reaching back into the cabinet. "And this is one of the U.S. models. Here, try it."

Interview Date: 2005/04

Hong Kong Institute of Languages

Learning a new language can be child's play, as students at HKIL will tell you

During a Saturday morning language arts lesson at the Hong Kong Institute of Languages, teacher Emmanuelle Guyon was keeping a close eye on all her students.

Interview Date: 2005/04

The Chevalier Group

Digging up roads to replace ageing pipes could be a thing of the past

Digging up Hong Kong's roads to replace ageing pipes could be a thing of the past if Oscar Chow gets his way. Since 1998, he has been promoting cutting-edge, "no-dig" pipe rehabilitation technologies, which in effect doubles the lifespan of underground pipes.

Interview Date: 2005/04

Goodway Electrical

What started out as a side-venture producing mini travel irons grew into a multi-million dollar, global business

Only LW Choi may know with any certainty what emotions were surging through his veins when he first decided to switch the production of his 20-year-old business from radios to irons. That was more than 20 years ago, after then Hong Kong Governor Sir MacLehose urged businesses to diversify their production lines.

Interview Date: 2004/06

AL Goodwell

Local speaker producer 'resonates' success

Landy Lau recalls how tough starting her business was when she and her husband founded their electronics trading company 17 years ago.

Interview Date: 2004/06

CLP Holdings Limited

Throughout its history, the company has strived to maintain the highest standards in technology, operational and financial management

Started out in 1901 as China Light and Power Company, Limited, CLP is now one of the most widely held and actively traded stocks on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Interview Date: 2004/03

Caltex Oil Hong Kong

Helping improve air quality for a better quality of life

Traffic and air pollution seem to go hand in hand, or for pedestrians hand over mouth. But for Caltex, air pollution is a battle that needs to be won.

Interview Date: 2003/12

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