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CLP Holdings Limited
CLP Holdings Limited is the holding company for the CLP Group of companies (CLP). Started out in 1901 as China Light and Power Company, Limited, CLP is now one of the most widely held and actively traded stocks on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Throughout its history, the company has strived to maintain the highest standards in technology, operational and financial management. CLP's operations reflect its core values of care for people, the community, the environment, performance, respect for laws and standards and valuing innovation and knowledge. These values have allowed the company to contribute to people's lives far beyond the role as a provider of light and power.

In Hong Kong, CLP's modern network supplies over 2.1 million business and residential customers representing a population of some 5.5 million in Kowloon, the New Territories and most of the outlying islands. Constant benchmarking of generation technology, supply network and customer service against international peers ensures its standard matches that of the world's leading power operators.

Since the late 1970s, CLP has established an increasing presence in the growing market of the Asia-Pacific, especially in the Chinese mainland, helping build the power needed for growth and prosperity. Today, CLP is the largest external power company in China with investments in joint ventures operating or constructing power stations in various parts of the Mainland.

From China, the company has widened its horizons to the Asia-Pacific region. Its experience in successfully establishing and operating a variety of power businesses in the different environments of Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland has supported this growth. CLP now operates in markets and cultures as diverse as Australia, India, Thailand and Taiwan. Through these investments, CLP is becoming a leading investor-owned power company in the region.

As a company with a long-term perspective, CLP is acutely aware of the need to balance economic measures of success with those of environmental sustainability. It carefully manages the impact of its business on the environment, and is one of the few companies in Asia to bring environmental and other non-financial performance data into corporate planning and reporting. Investments have been made in renewable energy projects which examine how best to harness hydro, wind, solar and other renewable resources where they are economically and socially viable.

CLP sees itself as part of the local community wherever it operates. The company actively participates in community programmes where it can make a meaningful difference. These focus on education and Asia's youth while it also provides financial and other support to sustain a diverse range of charitable activities to address the needs of the less-privileged members of the communities.

Looking ahead, CLP aims to build on its present position as a leading investor and operator of the power business in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific. In pursuing growth, it will remain focused on what it knows best - the supply of electric power. The company will also maintain its commitment to serve current and future generations, striving for continued success - a success that will be shared by all.

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