Digital, Information & Telecommunications Committee

Terms of Reference

1) Mission

To advise the Chamber via the General Committee and Directorate on

  • the development, promotion and application of the digital, information technology and telecommunications (DIT) industries of Hong Kong, and
  • the Chamber position on policies affecting these industries.

2) Membership

  • Membership is open to Chamber corporate members whose business is related to the DIT industries.
  • Chamber individual associate members who wish to apply as observers to the Committee should belong to a company in the respective sectors.
  • Committee membership is subject to agreement by the committee chairman and the Chamber CEO.
  • Members should observe the "Guidelines for HKGCC Committees".

3) Objectives

  • To provide a forum for interaction among the DIT industries and the wider business community.
  • To monitor issues affecting the DIT industries such as convergence, multimedia applications, promotion of innovation and market expansion.
  • To organise appropriate activities to enhance the application of DIT in business.
  • To contribute to the Chamber''s effort in multilateral and regional trade negotiations, including WTO and CEPA, that impact upon the digital, information and telecommunications industries.
  • To assess the impact of, formulate positions on, and where necessary, make submissions in relation to government policies and consultations affecting the digital, information technology and telecommunications industries.
  • To provide a forum for exchange of views on the legal and intellectual property aspects and implications of DIT application in business.
  • To carry out such other tasks as may be requested by the Chamber, in connection with the development and welfare of the digital, information and telecommunications industries of Hong Kong.
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