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With the new year underway, I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2016.  The year has started on a good note for the Chamber, as we have yet again been awarded the “Caring Organization” logo.

The Chamber always puts it heart into serving members and providing quality services. In the past year, we organized more than 250 activities and hosted over 100 committee meetings to serve the business community. Despite being so busy with work, I am proud to say that the Chamber’s staff still try to squeeze in time to give back to the community.

Work takes up most of our time, but it is not the only thing in life that matters. As such, many colleagues enjoy spending time giving back to the community. They also like to involve their family in helping the needy and showing care for less fortunate citizens, particularly around the time of festivals.

When many people in Hong Kong are happily planning activities to celebrate an upcoming festival, our staff never forgot to spread a little joy and happiness to others.  Last Mid-Autumn Festival, we made moon cakes for senior citizens as a sweet treat and put on a little show for them. This Christmas, staff volunteered to spread the joy of giving in Sham Shui Po, where we prepared bread, instant noodles and scarves to give as gifts to the elderly living in the area. We also went shopping early in the morning at a nearby market to buy fresh fruit, vegetables and pork, which we wrapped up and handed out to the needy.

While we might not have given a huge amount of fruit, vegetables, or gifts, to the elderly in Sham Shui Po, our sincerity was limitless, which did touch people we met. Some of my colleagues’ children joining us also had a valuable lesson in that they should do what they can to help the elderly and others in need. It also taught them to treasure food.

To qualify for the Caring Organization logo, an organization must show it cares for the community, value its employees and protect the environment.  At the Chamber, staff are our most important asset.  Besides providing benefits to employees, we also regularly organize activities for staff to help them relax and get to know each other better. I believe that by creating a good working environment, staff will enjoy being part of the Chamber family more and be more productive.  On environmental awareness, our efforts have been widely recognized, as the Chamber has been awarded as a “Green Partner” and received a “Carbon Reduction Certificate.”

Having again been awarded the Caring Organization logo, we are incentivized to keep up our good work.  Despite our hectic lives, my colleagues and I have both the will and the ability to do more in the year ahead and plan to organize more community events to show our support and compassion for the underprivileged. We hope that our efforts will make a difference to those in need. 

Posted on 2020/01/08

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