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dev - Hoping for a Better Tomorrow

The arrival of spring brings with it hope, optimism and growth. As such, I look forward to a productive and prosperous year ahead. Although I am generally an optimist, a spate of incidents recently left me with mixed feelings and asking myself: "what hope is there for the future?"

During the Lunar New Year, I was excited that I could switch off from work and enjoy the festive spirit with my family. However, on the very first day of the Lunar New Year late at night, I was horrified to watch shocking events unfolding on TV in Mongkok that left me dumbstruck. I couldn't believe that such violence was possible on the streets of Hong Kong, a place that I feel so safe in at any time, day or night.  Police officers were being attacked with bricks and planks, even when they had been knocked to the ground and were unable to defend themselves. We would give anyone injured a helping hand, let alone police officers who were trying to uphold the rule of law. So to see people having total disregard for the lives of fallen policemen was really nauseating.

The happy and optimistic atmosphere that everyone in Hong Kong was enjoying at the start of the Lunar New Year was spoilt in an instant. The gloom continued with the volatility of the stock market, news that retail sales were dramatically down, along with data showing fewer visitors wanted to visit Hong Kong. It seems the New Year was greeted by an avalanche of depressing news.

Despite all that had happened, my heavy heart had something to smile about at the Chamber's Chinese New Year Dinner last month, where the positive energy of our young people drowned out the negativity. The Chamber's spring dinner is very popular among our members and this year we had around 40 tables. Members were wowed by dancing preschoolers dressed up in outfits showing what they wanted to be when they grow up. University students put on an amazing hip-hop performance, while kung fu students as young as 4 years old demonstrated amazing skills and confidence. Despite their young ages, every one of them showed true talent and professionalism. The energy and optimism that these youngsters exhibited filled the room and left us feeling Hong Kong is in safe hands with youngsters like these.

I must also applaud the three young Chamber staff who took up the role of MCs for the night. They ensured the proceedings went smoothly and their wit kept us smiling all evening.

The evening's programme went faultlessly and all guests had a good time, until we neared the end of the Grand Lucky Draw, when the backdrop on the stage nearly fell down. Seeing it was about to fall, one of our young staff sprung up to stop it from toppling. His quick reaction saved the evening.

From the performances of students, and the hard work of our staff that night, the talent, flexibility and commitment of Hong Kong's young people was palpable. Their positive attitude, conscientiousness, confidence and ability filled me with confidence and optimism, as well as gave me hope for our future, despite the gloomy economic and social environment.

I agree with Financial Secretary John Tsang's comments that Hong Kong people can always find a way out of tough times. We should all learn from our youngsters and spread more positive energy as we work in the best interests of Hong Kong.  I truly believe that as long as pull together, we will all enjoy a bright future.

Posted on 2020/03/09

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